WILS 3F, 399-2 ARC Buil. 3F, Ninomaru-cho, Mukaijima, Fushimi-ku Kyoto 612-8141 JP

     The Ninja was born in a small shed in the back yard of the Shogun’s castle grounds on a dark rainy night some time in late 2015. The exact date has been widely debated but what everyone can agree on is the impact he has made. Some say he can find an M5 nut in a haystack with his bare feet, others say he once performed a half cut with his teeth, but to us, he’s just the love child of a K20A and V36 Skyline.

We have been tuning cars for a combined 50 years across 3 continents and know our way around cars, parts and the Japanese brands that offer them. So, if you are looking for Japanese parts...look no further! ​

Drive Safe!

Robbie Trengove and Mike Wyckoff​

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